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I make beautiful custom made websites for your business.


Why Us

You have a business or cause you care about

I help you tell the world about it.

I believe working with you every step of the way is the most important aspect of my business. Websites can be simple or involved, flashy or sophisticated, black and white or colorful -- whichever it may be, I'm here to make something that you love and that grows your business or personal interest.

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Logo & Brand Design

Web Design & Development

Audience Engagement  Consulting


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Your next stunning website here!

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How It Works

How it Works


Candy Cotton

Working with Varga Web Design was such an amazing experience. My project was very long and detailed. Taylor handled it with grace and he was compassionate towards me, a small business owner with so many ideas yet very limited resources. I have a very unstable work schedule; he would give me his availability and allow me to respond when I had time. His payment plans were easy to follow, especially since his invoice system was direct and sent reminders. He was also always showing visibility so that I would not be surprised by the payment because he keeps you updated along the way about how many hours have been accrued. 

I’m most satisfied with his eye for design. I would give him a rough idea and he’d smooth it out into an amazing end result each time! He tested out my site multiple times, before, on, and after the launch. I will be back for more services and am so appreciative of the relationship built! 

Ndella Seck

CEO, Unforbidden by Adam & Eve


My Promise

To build you a quality website.

To build you something we're both proud of.

To help you grow your business or passion.

To help tell your story.

I won't put my name on it until it's right - that's my promise.

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